Bear Butte Gardens

Organic Diversified Farm Manager Apprenticeship

Work Process Schedule


Related Instruction Outline

Term of Apprenticeship

The term of the apprenticeship is 1.5 years with an OJL attainment of 2000 hours, supplemented by the minimum required 144 hours of related instruction.

Apprentice Wage Schedule

Apprentices shall be paid a progressively increasing schedule of wages based on either a percentage or a dollar amount of the current hourly journeyworker wage rate, which is: $18.00.

1st Level = 50% of journey worker's rate
2nd Level = 60% of journey worker's rate
3rd Level = 75% of journey worker's rate
4th Level = 90% of journey worker's rate

Probationary Period

Every applicant selected for apprenticeship will serve a probationary period of 250 hours.

Learning Methodology

A four-step learning methodology will be used by the mentor(s) and apprentice.

  • The mentor will explain and demonstrate each on-the-job activity topic to the apprentice
  • The apprentice will perform each on-the-job activity, under the guidance and supervision of the mentor.
  • The apprentice will practice each on-the-job activity until proficiency is achieved.
  • The apprentice will explain and demonstrate the on-the-job activity to the mentor. If the mentor is satisfied with the skill and competency demonstrated by the apprentice, then sign-off is recorded.