A greenhouse full of seedling transplants
Lambs and Livestock Guardian Dogs

What We Grow and Offer For Sale

Organic Certified Vegetables

We grow A to Z (arugula to zucchini).

Organic Certified Vegetable Transplants

Bear Butte Gardens offers organic certified vegetable seedling transplants for sale in the spring!  Seedlings are typically available between May 15 and early June, until we run out.

Organic Certified Eggs

Our organic certified hens are laying eggs!  We have a limited quantity for sale upon request.

Organic Certified Broiler Chickens (meat)

We are excited to offer pasture raised, organic certified, whole chickens in limited quantities.  Broilers are typically available mid summer and fall.

Organic Certified Turkeys (meat)

We raise Bourbon Red heritage breed turkeys.  We will be offering these beauties just in time for Thanksgiving.  Bourbon Reds are known for their superior tasting meat.  We suggest you get your name on our pre-order list soon!

Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Beef (meat)

We purchase young, just-weaned steers and then raise them as naturally as possible.  No antibiotics, no GMO feed, no chemicals -- just our own organic certified grass and hay.  We generally offer several for sale each year.  We sell by the quarter, half, or whole.  We utilize local butchers who prepare the final product in individually wrapped cuts of meat.

Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Lambs (meat)

We raise about a dozen lambs each summer.  No antibiotics, no GMO feed, no chemicals -- just our own organic certified grass and hay.  The lambs are sent to a local butcher in the late fall.  We generally sell lamb by the half or whole.  You get a box of individually wrapped cuts of lamb meat!  Delicious!  

Sheep Skins (cleaned and processed)

We have our sheep skins professionally cleaned and processed.  They make beautiful gifts!


We have a few honey bee hives that produce a limited quantity of incredible honey.  $10/pint  or $20/quart.

Organic Certified Hay (grass and alfalfa)

Yes, we have small square bales of hay for sale!

A hen sitting on her eggs
Tom, the Turkey
Purple Radishes
Raw, Unfiltered Honey
We are USDA Organic Certified!